The Challenge

The Challenge

In this Challenge, I am going to provide you with 50 days worth of training, nutrition tips, motivation, education and support. Your commitment to this programme will take you from where you are now, to understanding your food, improving your training and giving you the motivation to see how far you can come in just 50 days.

Challenge Start Point

When the Challenges begin, you are given a day to prepare yourself, make arrangements for your food and get all the basic elements in place ahead of the next morning start of the official Day One.  The tendency for some people is to panic ahead of the beginning of new adventures out of their control or comfort zone.  With the Callender Girls Challenge, just relax, you just need to know that everyone is starting on an even keel and you will have plenty of time to prepare and regain control going forwards.

Challenge Diary Dates:

Booking Office Opens: December 2018 @12pm   Challenge bookings open

Booking Office Closes: Friday 25th January 2019 @9pm   Please ensure all bookings are completed ahead of the deadline in case there are any service complications due to higher than necessary traffic across the servers. This is an automated process, so any orders incomplete by 9pm may be terminated and so please do not wait until the last minute to book as we will not extend the booking period.

Members Area Opens: Saturday 26th January 2019  The Callender Girls website Members Area will go live at approximately midday on the following day.  This gives you the opportunity to browse the 50 Days worth of workouts, the Toolbox, the Calculators and plan for your official Callender Girls Day One start on Sunday 27th January 2019 from 6am.   Between now and the start tomorrow, focus on writing your 200 word personal statement, sorting your apparel/location for your Before photos, doing your food shop and following the necessary groups/individuals on Facebook/Instagram so you do not miss a thing.  Join the official Callender Girls Page on Facebook and request membership to the private Callender Girls Group (#CG4) where we will communicate away from the general public.

Challenge Day 1:   The official Callender Girls Challenge begins.  Submit all your personal information (as outlined below), weights, measurements, Before photos and story.  Plan your first workout for the day, post your (social media friendly version) Before photos on Instagram – tag #callendergirls #50daysofher – and begin the process of inspiring others while motivating yourself.  Richard will be going Live in the Facebook Group at 8.00pm (GMT) to wish you all the best and answer some questions you may have.

Challenge Day 50:   The official Callender Girls Challenge ends.  Submit all your end personal information (as submitted originally), weights, measurements, After photos and closing story.  Plan your last workouts for the day, post your (social media friendly version) After photos on Instagram – tag #callendergirls #50daysofher #callendergirlsIDIDIT – and continue the process of being a role model. Richard will be going Live in the Facebook Group at 8.00pm (GMT) to recap, update and thank you.

Challenge Rules and Etiquette 

  • Keep it light, civil and positive at all times.  This is intended as a positive transformation Challlenge to inspire healthy and sustainable lifestyle changes. Please make sure you are not bombarding any social media communal areas with unnecessary posts, memes, unsolicited material, copyrighted media, profanities or bad language.  If you fail to adhere to this basic rule, we reserve the right to remove you from any social media groups and exclude you from the prize running.
  • Help and encourage your fellow Callender Girls at all times where possible.  The community aspect of the Challenge might be exactly what some women need to keep pushing themselves forward to be successful.  Building relationships within the Challenge could lead to friendships that last beyond the 50 Days and that can only be considered a major positive.
  • Abide by the deadlines set by Richard and/or the Challenge Admin team(s).  If you are late, it doesn’t count and so please make sure you are aware of any and all rulings.

Everyone must submit their starting statistics, Before photo and Story within 24 hours of the competition starting on Day One using the agreed format to be considered for any prizes and to participate fully.  Full body frontal, side, back and weighing scale photo must be taken using the supplied Callender Girls Challenge logo and date found in the Live Member Area.  Please see the detailed Challenge Rules in the FAQs section for more information.

Remember:  the better the before picture, the clearer the comparison at the end and so please take all your photos in the same minimal sportswear/underwear/bathing costume, at the same time ideally (Sunday morning upon waking in future), with similar lighting and in the same place.   Email to:    Only email Stacey your Before/After photos, measurements/weight & Story and keep your own progress pics during the Challenge or repost on Instagram using the hashtag #50daysofHER so we can find and communicate with you.  Posting your progress photos or workout photos/videos will maintain your commitment, it will inspire others, garner positive feedback from your friends/followers and it begins the process of being a role model who is able to step outside of their comfort zone.  In every transformation I have been involved in, the participant fails to realise how far they may have come in a period of time and so regular (NOT daily) photos will reinforce that change physically and mentally.



“We call it the Callender Girls Challenge because if something doesn’t challenge you it wont change you.  This could be the most important 50 Days in some women’s lives if they take this opportunity and run with it…”



  • DAILY WORKOUTS –Train with Richard and his team for the duration of the Challenge
  • WEEKLY CHALLENGES – Test yourself to complete as many challenges as possible by stepping out of your comfort zone and living in the moment
  • REGULAR VIDEOS –Updates, tips and coaching from Richard throughout the 50 Days
  • PROGRESSIVE WORKOUT PROGRAMS – Workouts devised for both home or the gym that will span the 50 days. Get used to prioritising yourself and start making the difference that makes the difference.
  • GUEST POSTS – Be inspired by people who have talked the talk and walked the walk before you.
  • DESIGNATED FACEBOOK GROUP – Talk to Richard, the team and other participants on the journey as you share ideas, tips and have your questions answered.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION – Learn how to motivate yourself, inspire others and create a platform that will keep you moving forward.
  • NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE– Try new recipes, share ideas and learn what you need to eat to make the biggest difference to your body in the shortest amount of time.
  • CALLENDER GIRLS LIVE WORKOUTS – Meet, join and train with Richard at one of the designated workout events across the UK. Book fast as there are strictly limited spaces available.
  • NEWSLETTER UPDATES – Messages from Richard, his team and special guests will help you stay on track throughout the duration of the Challenge. You will also be notified of upcoming events, Masterclasses, competitions and other Challenge related information.


Richard Callender is an award winning personal trainer and group fitness presenter. With over 20 years experience in the industry, he has become almost an institution at fitness events nationwide.