CG LADYFIT ‘EAGLE’ TOP (Green/Grey/Navy/Purple)

The Callender Girls/CG:IGNITE definition of comfy/cool, these tshirts, vests, hoodies or sweatshirts are a key part of any workout or off-duty outfit. Simple, proud slogan prints rule for laid-back looks, pre/post workout comfort or just for chilling around the house or on the sofa with your HER.

The slogan “EAGLE MENTALITY” comes from the belief thread that runs throughout all the campaigns and challenges run by creator, Richard Callender, who likens mentalities to be a difference between ‘Ducks & Eagles’.  The idea of focusing on being the ‘Eagle’ is simply about using action as your mainstay towards change and reducing the amount of ‘Duck’ quacking that sometimes derails the best laid plans.  In this instance, these iconic (collegiate inspired) tops signify your willingness to be see as an ‘Eagle’ and to be recognised as one.  Go Eagles…  

ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL, please ensure you check the above/below official size guide and be aware that orders are usually ordered, processed and delivered within 14-21 days as they are MANUFACTURED TO ORDER.  In most cases we are able to turnaround orders within 7 days.   In some rare instances, there may be a delay due to the levels of stock to be supplied ahead of the printing process.

Size Guide:

Small (6-8); Medium (10-12); Large (14-16); XLarge (18-20); XXLarge (20-22)

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