Callender Girls: IGNITE 4 VIP


This is your gateway to the CG:IGNITE 30 Day Plan VIP.  Devised and hosted exclusively by trainer, Richard Callender and his team, to help you change your mindset and your body over 30 days.  Book now, join the Plan and get ready for the start date of Wednesday 1st July 2020.  Plan ends Friday 31st July 2020.   

CG:IGNITE VIP is a upgraded version of the 30 Day Plan and entitles you to features and benefits outside of the amazing standard Plan.  There is a strictly limited number of VIP memberships available for each 30 Day Plan.  Please READ BELOW for the features and decide if this option is for you.

  •  Maximum 45 VIP Memberships available
  •  You will have access to 8 VIP ‘Private Group Video Sessions’ with Richard via Zoom (9am Saturday & 7.30pm Thursday).
  •  There will be 2 ‘Private Room Live Chats’ with Richard
  •  You will be issued a 20% off code for items purchased during the 30 Day Plan period
  • Access to a VIP Member Workout filmed specifically for the Members
  • Ability to purchase a unique CG:IGNITE VIP top available only to Members.
  • Discounted Online Personal Training (Train with your Trainer) with Richard for 30 Days

IMPORTANT NOTE:  (Upon purchasing, the LOGIN you create will be your LOGIN to the ‘My Account’ page which gives you access to the Workout/Members Area)

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