About the campaign


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Why choose Callender Girls

The Callender Girls Challenge is based upon 3 distinct principles that form the foundations of everything we are trying to achieve and are the cornerstones of my training system. Physical change, mental change and community interaction are the areas we want to impact upon during and after the challenge.

There are many different ways to lose weight, a myriad of ways to change your mindset and countless opportunities to make a difference in your community. But there are very few opportunities in which you can make a difference to your physical fitness, mental health and be able to empower people around you by becoming a role model. With my programme you can.  With the support of the other participants, kind strangers and my team, we will look to change your lifestyle and then your life.


If you, like many millions of women worldwide, are not totally happy with your physical shape, then joining this programme will probably start with the initial focus solely being on losing weight, changing your shape or increasing your fitness. There are no shortcuts to your ideal body, so focus on the end result and make the journey there a positive adventure and experience.


The human mind is one of the most complex machines in existence and when programmed correctly it can lead ordinary people to do extraordinary things, or if programmed incorrectly it can force people into doing nothing at all. On this challenge I want you to think, act and inspire others like you can achieve anything.


When was the last time you started a huge project, inspired those around you, became a role model and finished with your head held high? Taking part in this challenge is much more than becoming a better version of you, we want to create a community of places where you can meet like minded women, share information and raise money for great causes.

“I really want to create something that takes on a life of its own, enables women to come together in a powerful way and by showing transformations occurring on a regular basis, will empower and inspire countless more” – Richard Callender