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This is the original, current version of YOU. The start point for the physical, mental and social transformation as you come to terms with your limitations, your strengths, your vast potential and how to bring it all together to be a more successful HER. We all make excuses to stop, but what we really need is an important reason not to and to remain strong in the face of adversity. Have the strength to let HER out.



This will become the physical and mental embodiment of HER. By learning about your body, knowing how to fuel it, improving your fitness everyday and becoming a role model to those around you, you will eventually allow your inner HER to surface and become a stronger person for it. Change is not always external, mental change and focus is as important.


Choose to participate in a Challenge/Plan and you could start making those valuable days the start of the rest of your life. Join the Callender Girls community, be committed to finding a better version of You and follow my instructions to yield regular results on the scales, in the mirror and on the faces of those close to you. It is just you Vs You...what have you got to lose? Choose your program or Plan carefully.

50 Day Challenge Workout Plan

Follow Richards 50 Day workout plan which has been devised to enable your workouts to be completed either at home, the gym, at work or wherever is convenient for you. A fitter, stronger body begins when you do.

Callender Girls Workout & Fitness Events

Join us at the Callender Girls workout & fitness events happening across the UK. Meet Richard and participate in a range of classes designed specifically to motivate you, assist with your transformation and enable you to have fun with hundreds of other women.

Callender Girl Resource Toolkit

When embarking on the 50 day challenge, you will need to ensure you have the correct kit and support in place to give you the best chance at being successful. We will provide you with an always developing toolkit of resources for the 50 days and beyond.

Live Video Chats & Updates

Throughout the Challenge, you will get the opportunity to chat with Richard via social media Live Chat and ask questions, share ideas, get updates and meet other members of the Callender Girls community. Follow @richcallender or join the official Facebook Group.

Nutritional Tips & Body Calculators

Take back control of what you eat, when you eat and how you eat with our nutritional guide & calculators that will highlight some of the common mistakes people make when trying to transform their bodies. A great body is made in the kitchen.

Raise money for charity

Participating in the challenge will give you the unique opportunity to change your shape, become a role model and also raise money for causes close to your heart. Get sponsored, become a Callender Girl, complete the 50 days and help change other peoples lives simultaneously.


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Become Her, start with me today

As a trainer with over 20 years experience, I have witnessed first-hand some amazing transformations from clients, colleagues, friends and family members.  But over the same time period, I have also watched many more women fall at various hurdles along the way as their hopes of becoming a better version of themselves have ended in failure or the promise of restarting tomorrow.  It isn’t always through a lack of effort, sometimes it is genuinely because they have placed themselves so low on their priority scale that they are overtaken by other elements like family, work, friends and social media.  What I want to do is get more women to reconnect with their inner HER, that part of themselves that is proud to say, “I am more powerful than people know and I am a role model…”.  Then, and only then, will we start to see great physical changes occur as they tap into their HER and finish the transformations they have started.   This challenge excites me and hopefully we can show that empowered women will always empower other women.



The Callender Girls initiative has provided me with so much more than weight loss.

My goal of losing weight was eclipsed by the benefits of a permanent life style change.  It was a learning curve – not only about how to train efficiently, but how important it is to eat the right food, at the right time, to achieve my goals.  My body responded to a new approach to working out, my sleep and stress levels improved immensely, and a transformation began.

Yes, I’m stronger, fitter and lighter…but most importantly, my inner strength and self-confidence have soared, and those things really are priceless.


I have always hidden behind excuses, too busy, can’t afford it, as a single mum working full time in a stressful environment I had plenty of reasons to use. I was unhappy and lacked confidence which had impacted relationships and my social life. Callender Girls found ME again and changed not only how I looked but, how I felt inside. I felt empowered and started living!!

This hasn’t been a fad plan this has been a lifestyle change and I can’t thank Richard enough for giving me my sparkle back even though we are hundreds of miles apart. I am now feeling good in and out of my clothes for the first time ever!


“A truly inspirational group of women who build each other up as we work towards a common goal – finding and unleashing our inner her. Be prepared to work up a sweat to Richard’s daily workouts and make new friends at the same time. Your Her will love you for it “


“Nothing more to say except THANK YOU for creating this.  I struggle badly with nerves, I thought I hated the gym and my weight has been on an upwards spiral for years.  Chatting with the other girls, listening to Richards inspirational (and very frank) live chats and taking small steps has resulted in me losing inches everywhere and weight has begun to fall off again. 50 days is just my beginning”


“Just completed my very first 50 days of her campaign. I would 100% recommended this campaign to anyone that would like the opportunity to change their mindset and body shape in 50 days. Richard gives you all the tools and advice to help you achieve your goals. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain by taking part… I took the plunge and my results were beyond what I could ever have imagined not just physically but mentally”leted my very first 50 days of her campaign. I would 100% recommended this campaign to anyone that would like the opportunity to change their mindset and body shape in 50 days. Richard gives you all the tools and advice to help you achieve your goals. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain by taking part… I took the plunge and my results were beyond what I could ever have imagined not just physically but mentally”


“Found this group and the Callender Girls challenge just what I needed, it’s changed my mindset as well as my body shape and weight! I’ve learnt how to balance what I eat and what exercise I need to do, I’ve learnt not to yo-yo between beating myself up and guilt!”


“This came at the perfect time for me.  I’ve messed around with slimming clubs for years and my weight has fluctuated non stop.  Doing this challenge meant I learned how to eat without guilt, I joined a gym and loved it and more importantly after 50 days my confidence has grown as my belly has shrunk.  Recommended”


“Join me for 50 days of change #50daysofher?” Don’t mind if I do! Four weeks in, feeling more energised, stronger & determined, clothes are looser, body is more toned and a hell of a lot lighter! So much support in our group.   Digging deep for the home straight. Let’s SMASH IT”

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